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Ten Fun Facts About FCC

Did you know that First Congregational Church has had a member represented in every world war dating back to the Civil War?

Did you know in the 1700's, church was a full day affair? The two hour morning service included a sermon of "not less than one hour." The one and a half hour long afternoon service included a sermon of similar length.

Did you know in 1772, Rev. Trumbull built Trumbull House? He and Sarah raised eight children in this home, among them John Trumbull, poet of the American Revolution. 

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Did you know in 1948, forty-four (44) members of this church, men and women, were listed on the Roll of Honor now hanging in Fellowship Hall. These individuals put their civilian lives on hold and enlisted in several branches of the armed forces to serve their country during World War II.

Did you know In 1847, Rev. Hurd proposed that a letter be written to the state legislature in Hartford condemning slavery? We were probably the first congregation to do so. An excerpt from that letter dated January 25, 1847 states:


Whereas it is self-evident to those who believe that God has made of one blood all nations to dwell upon the face of the earth, that involuntary slavery is a heinous sin against God, and injustice to man – therefore resolved: That in view of our accountability to God, we feel bound each in his own way, and as conscience shall dictate, to do all we can to bring about the earliest extinction of slavery in the United States and throughout the world.


The following year, 1848, slavery was officially abolished in Connecticut.

Did you know in 2003, Bill Zitto and his wife retired after 33 years of faithful service to our church? Over the years Bill officiated at 760 weddings, baptized 822 babies and officiated at 634 memorial services.

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