You may recall that the approved 2019 budget includes a line item for a Church signature fundraising event. The Standing Committee is committed to soliciting help and ideas related to simple, yet effective, fundraising ideas as well as planning a more significant signature event. A signature event is a gathering that benefits the Church and becomes a must-do for community leaders, supporters, and donors. A well-executed signature event can improve our Church brand, earn income, and promote our mission. While signature events require energy, time, and money, the Church can leverage those resources into remarkable, memorable, and meaningful experiences with the potential to catapult missions forward. At this time, we want to start gathering lots of ideas and want to solicit your help. Look for Fundraiser Idea cards and a collection box in Fellowship Hall. Please share lots of ideas, enter several ideas and stretch your imagination. We'll be looking for: * Ideas for simple, yet effective, fundraising activities * Ideas for a large signature event. What type of events have worked in our community? What types of events are missing from our community that could work? * Do you have experience in fundraising activities? Would you share your experiences and ideas? Can we reach out to you for assistance?

Once we complete gathering ideas, we will then turn to categorizing the ideas, evaluating them and making decisions so we can get busy.

You may also send your ideas to Brian Dassatti at

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and feedback.

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