Job Description

Position Title: Church Custodian
Reports To: Property Manager Senior Minister

Position Status: Part Time – 15 hours per week, additional time may be needed for

special events or for unusual circumstances.

Job Summary:
To perform regular cleaning, maintenance and custodial care of Church property, both
inside and outside, as defined in the “Job Duties” section of this document.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Minister or Property Manager.
Custodian will meet with the pastor and/or Church secretary to review the upcoming
weeks church calendar.

Qualifications and Experience:
Candidate should have previous experience in building maintenance and custodial care;
have the ability to work inside and out in varying weather conditions; ability to lift and/or
carry 50 pounds or more; ability to walk, bend and stand extensively, ability to climb
stairs and ladders Must be able to accept supervision in a constructive manner; must
have the ability to work with little direct supervision; must have capability to deal with
members of the Church and public in a courteous and respectful manner; shall be
mindful of the historic and religious nature of FCC property.

Custodian Duties:
In general, the Custodian will take direction from the Senior Minister and Property
Manager as to the general cleaning and maintenance requirements of the church.
Activities may include but are not limited to: Dry and wet mopping, vacuuming, emptying
trash, cleaning of bathrooms, dusting, washing windows, waxing floors, watering the
pianos and replacing light bulbs, including COVID-19 related precautions and cleaning

For Sunday services and other events, the Custodian will prepare sanctuary and Sunday
school rooms for the activities. The Custodian will clean up, close lights and lock doors
after service or event.

Coverage of weddings, funerals outside group events, compensated by such parties
(Custodian is responsible for tax responsibilities).

Resumes/coverletters should be sent to